We are consulting engineers specialising in the deployment of cutting-edge energy and waste technologies.

We have been involved in a diverse range of:-

Grid connection projects for electricity connections to new and existing housing, commercial buildings and connection of both conventional and renewable power generation.

Energy projects ranging from energy storage, solar thermal, solar PV, biomass, geothermal heating and cooling.

Waste-to-energy projects including pyrolysis, plastics to fuel, anaerobic digestion and organic waste to both gas to grid and power generation.

We also accept Commissions where we work on behalf of clients with specific global targets, for instance finding rental land close to electricity substations or launching a new technology into the European market.

Within each of these categories our capabilities, experience and track record are extensive. Our contribution ranges from exploitation through to project management and delivery.

Our world-class expertise and excellence means that we can cover all of the technical, commercial, regulatory and environmental aspects of your environmental project.


Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy consultancy services include troubleshooting technical issues on existing and proposed projects, assessing and estimating project costs and viability, design and project management along with managing grid connection applications. We are experienced in large and small-scale technologies including: ground and roof mount, solar thermal and solar PV, air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, biomass and wood gassification CHP.

Grid Connections

We provide grid connection services to developers and renewable energy installation businesses which require power connections for new and existing buildings, or wish to add or build a conventional or renewable power generation plant. It is advisable to contact us early in your project assessment stage as there is no guarantee that a grid connection will be available within your timeframe or budget. We adopt a practical, staged  approach to new enquiries by carrying out an initial assessment of the potential works required and the available grid capacity to your site.


The pyrolysis process is a technology which has been used in a number of industries for many years and has now become commercially attractive to convert waste materials into valuable reusable commodities such as petrol, diesel and plastics. AB Energy is partnered with Waste Technologies (Australia) Limited which has developed a number of pyrolysis plants. The pyrolosis technology uses range of patented processes, including FAR infrared heating; this maximises the output and eliminates the need to close down the process to clean out debris that was not heated correctly due to its position in the reactor. The Waste Technologies plants also run continuously with no shutdown other than for quarterly checks.



AB Energy have been commissioned by a client who successful tendered for the National Grid (EFR) Enhanced Frequency Response

The National Grid is put under pressure at peak times of day when we all want to use electricity at the same time, yet at other times of the day there is surplus capacity. To help balance the ever-changing gap between demand and generation, the National Grid recently awarded contracts to a handful of power storage companies. The contracts involve the integration of large commercial-scale battery storage units into the heart of main electricity systems. The batteries charge when there is surplus electricity available and release their charge when the demand increases thus evening out the peaks and troughs in the electricity network.

We are looking for suitable locations to install this technology throughout the UK.

Our requirements:

  • Land between ½ to 10 acres
  • Located within a mile of a 33kV or 132kV electricity substation.
  • We are looking for industrial land, which could even be a spare corner in a storage yard and land with a low agricultural grade that is not within greenbelt, AONB, SSSI or National Park. We will also consider industrial buildings.